How can i use my credits

We were on a pro plan but our pro plan is not showing. We have paid in full but still having this issue please connect with us and help us solve the same.

Hi we delinked our website from Cloudflare and hen we are linking it back it is not showing our pro plan. It shows credits but we are not being able to use that. can you suggest how we can use credits to get to the pro plan.

Plans are tied to a zone so removing a zone will remove the plan also. You would have to re-purchase the plan at full cost, however when it renews any credits should be taken off the renewal price.

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we didn’t remove the zone at all still it is not showing

I took this to mean you removed the zone, what do you mean?

meaning we removed the link to add again and then it started giving an error. is there any way to get a refund.

Hi there-

I see you raised a ticket with us for this issue. I have responded to your ticket #2747467. Please note, like my colleague mentioned, everytime you delete the zone, the subscription will get cancelled and a prorated credit will be given to you use for future recurring subscriptions. It cannot be used for new purchases or orders.



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