How can I use DNS to connet other port?

how can I use DNS to connect 8123 port as normal website ?
so I want to connect “” to “” on web
also when I connect on web to ip:8123 and target:8123 was connected normally.
I don’t know what to write on the servicename.
Or should I use another record?

Browsers do not use SRV records, so you cannot achieve this using just DNS. There are various ways to get what you are looking for.

Assuming you are talking about Home Assistant, you can change the port from the default to 80 or 443.

You could use the PortZilla App to proxy the traffic to your custom port.

Using Cloudflare Tunnels is also an option.

With Argo Tunnel, can a specific port such as 8123 be automatically connected to 80 ports?

Essentially yes.

Personally, I would configure Home Assistant to run on 443 with Let’s Encrypt certs, use Cloudflare Tunnel to make that available on the Internet through Cloudflare, and use Cloudflare Access to only allow the needed people to access HA. I’m not a fan of running applications on non-standard ports. Eventually gets messy.

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