How can I use a domain purchased on Cloudflare with my hosting?

I delegating subdomains outside of Cloudflare, but can I do this with a primary domain that I bought on Cloudflare?

Your hosting provider would usually have a guide on how to connect an external domain.

The guide gives you a list of DNS records that you then need to create in Cloudflare.

You can not delegate the primary (apex) domain using NS records.

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Yes, and I can do this with the help of subdomains.

This means there are no solutions for the main domain.
Thank you.

What hosting provider are you using?

There are some that require NS records, but most don’t.,

Type: NS
Name: @

Will this option work?


Otherwise you’d be asking the nameservers for your domain (Cloudflare) for the nameservers for your domain (someone else) which obviously doesn’t make sense.

Nameservers can only be delegated through the DNS hierachy - from the root (.) to TLD (.com) to domain ( to subdomain ( and on…

As mentioned above, check if your host allows you just to add A/AAAA/CNAME records to the Cloudflare DNS to point at your hosting.

Alternatively, redirect the domain using rules on Cloudflare to a subdomain that is delegated.

Yes, you can add entries. Where can I read about this in detail?

You asked this same question earlier this month and you were answered: How to change NS in Cloudflare to NS of my hosting?

The answer remains the same:

  1. You cannot change the nameservers of a Cloudflare-registered domain name. A notice about this was clearly displayed to you at the time you purchased your domain.

  2. You can still host your domain with your hosting provider: you simply have to create the appropriate A/AAAA or CNAME records to map your domain to your hosting provider.

Here’s Cloudflare’s detailed guide on managing DNS records: Manage DNS records · Cloudflare DNS docs

But note that you’ll first need the actual records from your hosting provider. Once you have this info, you can then add them in your Cloudflare DNS:

From the nameserver address you gave and this page from your hosting provider, it seems you have a generic shared hosting account using the ISPManager control panel.

If this is correct, and if you’re not getting any TLC from your hosting provider, then try the following:

  1. Login to your hosting control panel (seemingly ISPManager).

  2. Go to the “Domain names (DNS)” page. If you have cPanel instead, look for a “Zone Editor” or something similar. Select the domain name in question, and click “Manage DNS Records”. You’ll see all the expected DNS records for your domain.

  3. Now open your Cloudflare DNS and replicate the DNS records you see in your hosting provider’s DNS Manager (excluding the NS and SOA records and anything else you don’t need).

Note that if you have not setup the domain on your hosting account yet, you need to do that first before you can take the steps outlined above.

Standing by for feedback.


Everything works, maybe I did something unnecessary, please point it out.

  1. I created an entry with my hosting provider with DNS Cloudflare.
  2. I created the site as usual.
  3. Added an A-record in the Cloudflare:
    Type: A
    Name: my domain name
    Content: IP hosting

After a while, my site works. If I did something unnecessary, please tell me.

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