How can I update my nameserver (NS) records to point to Cloudflare



I just recently changed hosting providers from Bluehost to SiteGround last week. I am a bit confused I thought I had made necessary changes to change the name server that Siteground provided to me but I keep getting reminders that In order to get running on Cloudflare, you need to update your nameserver (NS) records to point to Cloudflare. This critical final step only takes a few minutes. Please explain what I am doing wrong. [email address removed for privacy]


Naomi Bollinger

Update your nameservers

Login to your registrar
Find instructions for your specific registrar

Update your current nameserver records with the ones we have assigned to



You need to go to Bluehost (that’s where you bought your domain, correct?) and change the name servers.

According to WHOIS, your domain is registered at Bluehost, even though it’s hosted at SiteGround. And that’s OK. Bluehost still controls your domain settings.



I migrated my website from Bluehost to SiteGround last week. My Bluehost account is set to expire on July 17. Are you saying that I need to call Bluehost and transfer my registration over to SiteGround?




Hello again…

Is this something I can fix myself?


Registration is typically separate from hosting. Registration is paid on an annual basis, while hosting is monthly.

You just need to find out the status of your Domain Registration. Ask BlueHost.


Ok, thanks


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