How can I unlink my domain from Shopify

I used Shopify before, but now I don’t want to use Shopify anymore. I have removed all Shopify DNS records and I have removed the domain from Shopify settings. I still get an error message from Shopify when I go to my domain . The A record that I have set in the DNS settings for @ (root) and www do not apply. I bought the domain on Namecheap and set the nameservers to Cloudflare’s. How can I unlink my domain from Shopify so that I have control over my domain again? How is this even possible…

Thank you in advance!

You will likely need to contact Shopify to have them remove your domain from their systems, so you can regain control.

If that fails, Cloudflare Support should be able to take care of it for you, and manually disconnect the domain from Cloudflare for SaaS.


Thanks for the answer. I have contacted Shopify. Support confirmed to me that the domain was supposedly removed. However, this is not true. When I just switched back to Cloudflare’s nameservers, the same error message appeared again. Since I can not accept downtime, I have now switched to alternative nameservers in the meantime until the problem is resolved.

This situation is unbelievable to me. I have never given Shopify access to my Cloudflare account, nor have I allowed them to set my DNS records. And yet they can override my DNS settings even though the domain has been removed from their system for days. I even created a whole new Cloudflare account and added the domain there. Same problem, still saw the error message.
I wonder what authentication/security is in place at all, that this Cloudflare for SaaS SSL feature is not abused by third parties. Is there a technical possibility (theoretically) that Shopify can change the DNS records of any domain that uses Cloudflare? Or did I grant these rights without my knowledge once I set an A record to the Shopify IP?

Is there a moderator who could take care of this? I doubt that Shopify can solve the problem… I contacted Cloudflare support on Saturday (3 days ago), ticket number is 2437933, but so far I didn’t get any answer. Doesn’t seem to be that important that Shopify can “steal” domains…
The issue apparently known:


For what it’s worth, I completely agree. I believe the connection happens once you set the domain in Shopify, and then create the DNS record. In my opinion, at the very least, a connection like this should always have a “give me my domain back” button or similar.

You can email [email protected] if Shopify are unable to remove the connection, and they’ll be able to handle it for you. One of the MVPs here should be able to escalate the query once you have a ticket ID.

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No, they have to verify control of the hostname.

Yes, by pointing your domain to them, that means they can use Cloudflare for SaaS to deliver their service.

They should be able to remove this, it would literally take the right person seconds to do, but they make it infuriatingly difficult.

I’ll escalate this and ask Cloudflare Support to take care of it, given that Shopify won’t.


I replied on the ticket.

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