How can I transfer website rights from one account to antoher?

I am new user at cloudflare. Previous employer of our company registered our site with your site and I want to take charge of that site from now on. But I don’t know, how can I transfer it to my account from previous account.

Could you please guide?

Hi @jara,

Is the domain name registered at Cloudflare, or is it just using Cloudflare’s DNS/proxy services?

If you are not sure, can you please post the domain name so we can check.

Hi @domjh,
We use cloudflare’s DNS services.

Domain is:

In which case, you need to add the domain to your account, re-configure it there with all the DNS records and settings you need and then switch the nameservers across at the registrar to the ones requested on your account.

If you have access to the old account, you can export and import the DNS records to the new account, but if not you will need to set them up from scratch.

Hi Again,

Is it possible to add nameservers to new account without deleting from previous account and after the successful configuration, I will remove nameservers from old account?

You can only have the domain pointing to one account, as long as the nameservers point to the old account, it will stay working as it does now.

You can add it to the new account, complete all the setup and then change the nameservers.

You don’t need to delete it from the old account, it will stay there for a short time after you shange the nameservers and then automatically delete.

Hi, Could you please guide me on this task? I’m going to re-activate that old account.

If you want to use the old account, do you have access to the email address used on the account?

If yes, you can do a password reset and get access to the account.

If not, you will have to transfer it to a new account.

I am reactivating that old account and export rights to new account.


Could you please let me know from where I can export rights?

You can’t export all the settings, but you can export the DNS

I guess that only I need to change to transfer my whole website. right?

How much time they will take to up my website?