How can I transfer a domain where the registrar does not allow NS updates?

I’m looking to transfer a domain away from Wix. I’ve setup the site in Cloudflare, but wix does not allow for updating NS records.

Is there any way to transfer this domain to Cloudflare in light of this?

Wix statement:

Currently, it’s not possible to change name servers (edit NS records) for a Wix domain. You can, however, point your Wix domain to an external site. Learn more in this [article]
To change the name servers, you’ll need to [transfer your domain away from Wix.]

Nameservers and transferring to another registrar are two separate things.

You can change the nameservers at your current registrar, which they don’t seem to allow, so you’d need to move the domain entirely to a new registrar.

If you plan to use Cloudflare then I’d just use Cloudflare Registrar.

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