How can I tell if Cloudflare is working?

I have really low traffic numbers in my Cloudflare dashboard compared to the traffic I know is getting to my site, so I suspect Cloudlfare isn’t working at all. I cannot figure out even where to begin in terms of figuring out what is going on. I’m not sure why I’m even using Cloudflare at this point, if I am. :frowning: It seems like there used to be a tool where you could check if Cloudflare is working but now that tool just redirects to the support home page. Any pointers? Thank you!

You could look into the Request Infos in your Browsers Network Tab. You will find different Cloudflare Headers if Cloudflare is correctly proxying your Site. Like Cf-Ray. You can also try to access: yourdomain.example/cdn-cgi/trace
This will give you Information about the Connection to Cloudflare and will only Work if Cloudflare is Proxying your Request.
The 3. Possibility would be to use Browser Addons that show you the Infos. On Example would be the Claire Extension for Google Chrome

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GA and the Analytics app of your cloudflare dash measure different things :search:


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