How can I take this page to the next level. (adsense, lots of pictures)

Hi there,
I am trying to improve the speed of my site to the most optimal level possible. Ideally below 3 seconds consistently. The page is heavy on Adsense and pictures.

Current set up:

WPROCKET plugin, all functions enabled.
SSL activated
http2 enabled
Polish and mirage activated, Webp lossy.
Cloudflare pro plan.

look like webp could be more compressed, can this be done?

Anybody has experience improving Adsense loading times?

Thanks in advance for all the help!


It’s not the pictures that’s killing your load time, it’s all the external resources. Your resources load in about a half-second.

One thing I do is load Google fonts locally. I remove the line in .css that calls Google for that set of fonts and add my own font list, using this tool:

This article mentioned something else that might help:

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Hi There is no way you can do anything about adsense even if you lazy load them it will decrease your revenue and you aren’t going to get any benefits
one thing csn be doen
Wp rocket is not a good caching plug in so i would suggest to use cache enabler with advanced snippets to bypass php
or go with nginx fast cgi cache (only if you don’t provide any login functionality)
with autoptimize
Now To accelerate things more fast
use page rule*
cache everything with edge cache ttl 7 day*
with same edge cache ttl

Dont cache analytics.js even Google didn’t recommend to cache analytics locally

Hope This Help

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