How can I stop those requests its making my website, Error 504 Gateway time-out

May I suggest looking at the below articles:

This issue can be either on the host’s end or Cloudflare’s end. To find this out you can temporarly try to disable by switching your records to :grey: or choose the option Pause the Cloudflare for your domain to bypass Cloudflare and try to see if the same happens again.

Usually, Cloudflare will wait 100 seconds for the request to complete.
In your case, I am not sure, but may I ask do you run some script which takes longer than that? Or if you are trying to upload some file which takes that long?

The screenshot from above which you provided, someone is making a requests to the maybe non-existing physical files like favicon under the css directory?

Nevertheless, have you checked if you block any Cloudflare connections to your origin host / server? In this case, kindly follow the instructions from the below article to allowlist and allow Cloudflare to connect to your origin host / server if so:

Cloudflare IP addresses list can be found here:

From the screenshot above, any other information? From which IP are they comming, or what user-agent?
You could create a Firewall Rule or block the requests comming from that specific IP address, or the whole AS number, or by the part of the “user-agent” string, etc.

Furthermore, may I suggest looking at my post here or using :search: for more information how to troubleshoot and get your issue solved: