How can I specify the origin server location when using proxied (CDN)?

I created my DNS definitions to the origin server in proxied mode, and functionally everything is now working fine. On the other hand, I’m unsure whether the Cloudflare CDN is configured efficiently yet (actually, compared to a competitor CDN which is configured properly, I’m almost sure my Cloudflare settings are suboptimal).

I know for a fact that the origin server is somewhere in Central Europe, and from experience from other CDNs I know also that if I can indicate the CDN that it should “prefer” fetching the content from a server “closer” to the origin and then use the CDN’s (dedicated) network (instead of public Internet) then it goes much faster.

Question: how can I instruct Cloudflare to “prefer” fetching my proxied page’s resources from servers in a certain region?

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