How can I speak to a person?

Think of it in two ways.

  1. Hostgator is a cloudflare partner (there are a lot of them) and you can activate and control your account with them and cloudflare settings through their dashboard. There are a lot of cloudflare partners, each behaves in different ways and each leverage their partnership in their own way. That is one way the two work together.

  2. The other way is use Hostgator to host your site (the server where your website files are located). That location will have an address, an IP address. This is the way most customers use cloudflare. Add the site to your cloudflare account, go here to add a site. After you do that you will be prompted to change the nameservers on file at hostgator to just the two from cloudflare that are also shown on this page Now cloudflare will route traffic to your site.

Customers on our free plan receive free account, billing and registrar support. Customers on every plan type with Cloudflare freely help each other here. Community response time is usually really good, amazing sometimes!

I suspect they will only provide that free support if you enable cloudflare through their dash. If that is interesting, I’d scan their support forums and gauge for yourself if they would be helpful for you.

Not from 20 years ago, but it may have been added along the way. What is the name of the site, we can check.


From the cloudflare perspective, it can be a no cost option depending upon your needs, paid plans are available as needed Our Plans | Pricing

It may be worth talking to other vendors if that’s an option. Hiring a good IT consultant is worth the investment.

The cloudflare fundamentals doc is the best overview document. This thread is bouncing from question to question (the nature of a forum), but the fundamentals doc explains the process. May be a good doc to share with the web team!

As is this doc I’ll mention again later in this post, Get started on Cloudflare · Cloudflare Docs

It does, the wordpress forums are great and we see a lot of Community members that use wordpress and our wordpress plugin (paid option), Support forum here, Automatic Platform Optimization product details here

This is from an older but fantastic Community Tutorial and speaks directly to your question. Short answer is no they do not have to see dead pages.

:point_up: here is the formal documentation on the process.