How can I speak to a person?

I need assistance with launching my website and integrating Cloudflare with Hostgator. I also need to request signage on the site when it is down to indicate that the site is being updated. I need to speak with a person for these specific questions.

Phone Support is an option for customers on the Enterprise plan.

I am pretty sure we can point you in the right direction for each of the pieces you mentioned.

Let’s start with the name of the site? Is it up & running with SSL in place? I’d get to that point first and then simply add it to cloudflare. At that point, we can address the how to add a custom error page.


The new website has not been launched. Before I can do that, I need to know if and/or how Cloudflare interacts with Hostgator. Hostgator offers “no fee” support but it looks like Cloudflare does not, especially if I can’t even get enough info to launch the site without paying someone. One Hostgaotr agent suggested that I still keep Cloudflare because pages load faster but let Hostgator do the support. I don’t totally understand how any of this works or is supposed to work. The company I hired to redesign my website (SEO Gears) selected Cloudflare for the server, if I understand the process correctly. They also sent me to Hostgator to host the site. I opened an account with them almost a year ago with a three year pre-paid plan. The current website that I made twenty years ago is on Homestead, which I am also still paying for. I don’t know if I have Cloudflare with that or not. Knowing who the server is has never come up before.

In any case, I need to know how Cloudflare and Hostgator work together, whether there is a fee for them to do so and if there is a reason to not point the DNS to Hostgator. Is there a fee to use Cloudflare by itself. The web team has not explained any of this and sent me to Cloudflare. And, to make matters more confusing, the new site is designed using WordPress and I don’t know if that involves another entity for support.

Last, from what I gather, it can take a couple of days for the new site to become live and during that time, clients may end up seeing a dead page. I would need some message to be displayed indicating that the site is being worked on.

I appreciate any help you can offer.


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Think of it in two ways.

  1. Hostgator is a cloudflare partner (there are a lot of them) and you can activate and control your account with them and cloudflare settings through their dashboard. There are a lot of cloudflare partners, each behaves in different ways and each leverage their partnership in their own way. That is one way the two work together.

  2. The other way is use Hostgator to host your site (the server where your website files are located). That location will have an address, an IP address. This is the way most customers use cloudflare. Add the site to your cloudflare account, go here to add a site. After you do that you will be prompted to change the nameservers on file at hostgator to just the two from cloudflare that are also shown on this page Now cloudflare will route traffic to your site.

Customers on our free plan receive free account, billing and registrar support. Customers on every plan type with Cloudflare freely help each other here. Community response time is usually really good, amazing sometimes!

I suspect they will only provide that free support if you enable cloudflare through their dash. If that is interesting, I’d scan their support forums and gauge for yourself if they would be helpful for you.

Not from 20 years ago, but it may have been added along the way. What is the name of the site, we can check.


From the cloudflare perspective, it can be a no cost option depending upon your needs, paid plans are available as needed Our Plans | Pricing

It may be worth talking to other vendors if that’s an option. Hiring a good IT consultant is worth the investment.

The cloudflare fundamentals doc is the best overview document. This thread is bouncing from question to question (the nature of a forum), but the fundamentals doc explains the process. May be a good doc to share with the web team!

As is this doc I’ll mention again later in this post, Get started on Cloudflare · Cloudflare Docs

It does, the wordpress forums are great and we see a lot of Community members that use wordpress and our wordpress plugin (paid option), Support forum here, Automatic Platform Optimization product details here

This is from an older but fantastic Community Tutorial and speaks directly to your question. Short answer is no they do not have to see dead pages.

:point_up: here is the formal documentation on the process.


I am really trying to understand this, but it is like trying to read and understand another language that also uses another alphabet.

If I signed up for paid assistance, do I have to sign a contract? Or is it month-to-month? Or do you have another option? I can call Hostgator to see what they can tell me, but going back and forth between Cloudflare, SEOGears and Hostgator is not efficient, adds to the confusion and does not seem to be a great solution.

The first reply you provided tells me two options to use, but I can’t tell if Cloudflare or Hostgator hosts the site in the first option. Also, how can I find out how they are “leveraging” the accounts and so that I can understand how that will affect my decision? The second option says that it is the one most users choose, but then brings me to info that seems to have already been done for me through SEOGears.

I believe that, based on the limited understanding I have after reading some of what you sent, I should keep Cloudflare, on some level, but I don’t really understand the specific pros and cons of each choice. Even the page showing free and paid options is not particularly helpful because I have no idea what most of the terms mean.



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Cloudflare provides self-service products. There is excellent documentation that can help beginners set up their site, but Cloudflare is generally targeted towards an IT affine audience.

As @cloonan mentioned in his previous post, if you need live (phone) assistance in setting up Cloudflare, hiring an independent consultant would probably be your best bet. But to be completely honest, I’m surprised the company you hired to design your website did not do this for you. If they decided that you should use Cloudflare, they would usually also take care of the setup.

I’ll try to answer some of your questions:
Do you need Cloudflare? Probably not.
If your website is hosted with Hostgator, you don’t need Cloudflare unless you bought your domain from Cloudflare. As you have owned the domain for longer than Cloudflare exists, this is unlikely, but possible. We could tell if you shared your domain.

So why use Cloudflare?
Cloudflare is a proxy service. That means that when someone opens your website, the requests are not sent directly to your server (Hostgator) but to Cloudflare. Cloudflare then forwards the request to your server, and your server will send the reply to Cloudflare, which is then forwarded to the visitor.

This allows Cloudflare to provide a number of services on top of your website. I’ll give you just a quick overview of what might be relevant to you:

  • DDoS protection: Attackers might try to bring your website down by simply sending more requests than your server can handle. Cloudflare recognizes these attacks and stops them by not forwarding the requests to your server.
  • Caching: By keeping copies of your website’s files in their data centers all around the world, Cloudflare can make your site faster and at the same time reduce the load on your server.
  • Firewall: Similar to DDoS protection, but this allows you to decide which requests are allowed to reach your server and which aren’t. You could for example block people from all countries except X.

No, Cloudflare’s free tier is completely free.

That should not really happen. If data needs to be copied from your old website to the new website, a few hours of downtime are reasonable, but this is usually done at night. If no data needs to be copied over, your visitors should see the old website one moment and the new website the next.


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