How can I setup a Spanish local website to use a Spanish server?



My name is Juan Carlos and I own a small business website which I recently changed from a US based hosting company to a Spanish based one. I also added the actual DNS to cloudflare but it keeps pointing to a US server…which slows down my site. Is there a way to make Cloudflare serve the website from a Spanish server…with a spanish IP?
Thank you,
Juan Carlos


Hello, Juan Carlos,

Just because the IP address you are seeing is a US address does not mean your website content will be served from the US. Depending where your visitor is, s/he will receive from different Cloudflare datacenters. You can use the following tool to check where your visits are being served:

You should see a small set of lines, check the “colo” line. It will be an airport code that shows which Cloudflare datacenter you are reaching when you (and your visitors in your region) go to your website.


ok. perfect.thanks