How can i set a cname to a CF domain from a domain outside CF?

Hi support,

i have a domain on CF that is connected to a webserver.
I need to create a cname on a subdomain that is not hosted on CF.
cname record: =
I get a 1001 error and whatever i try i cannot get my subdomain to work.
I also have another domain on CF and when i setup a subdomain on that domain, just to test it, i works like a charm
cname record: = (both on CF) works fine.
So the main question is, how can i set the cname on the subdomain towards the domain on CF where the domain which i must configure the subdomain on is not on CF?
hope that anyone knows the answer to this?

thanks in advance,

That’s a SaaS feature that lets you CNAME into a Cloudflare domain for $2/month/hostname.

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Hi sdayman,

Thank you very much for explaining to me what i need to do. This is ofcourse a no-brainer and i will get this instantly. best regards and happy holidays.

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