How can I serve all resources from a consistent URL via Cloudflare


Hi everyone,

I’m now using Cloudflare but I have in GTMetrix some resources not served from consistent URL.
How could I fix those ?



This is not related to CF. Your website is using the same resource from different URLs (results in an extra request from browser which can be prevented by fixing the issue).

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Both for this and for a more aggressive minification, you could benefit from using an optimization plugin such as Autoptimize.

Though there are many plugins that will do the job of aggregating several css and js files, Autoptimize has the advantage that you can set the Cloudflare Plugin to purge automatically the Autoptimize-generated files along with any page cache you may have set via Page Rules.


I have installed already WP Rocket, and it’s currently linkd to Cloudflare.

Here is a video screenshot of my settings in WP Rocket :

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