How can I see if a resource was a hit or miss

I am trying to find where I can see if a resource was a hit or a miss. Appreciate and answer. Thanks

  1. Open F12 Developer Tools in your browser
  2. Switch to Network tab
  3. Refresh the webpage
  4. The Network tab should show up many resources - click onto the one that you are interested, and check for cf-cache-status response header.

Thanks for reaching out. I was hoping for more than CF cache status dynamic. Cache Control header set to private content UR2me.That is an MP3 file. and must be streamed. I don’t have a CF stream.
On the contrary, another resource on that page a png file the CF status hit. Therefore, Cloudflare cache is working :slight_smile:

Cloudflare does not cache MP3 by default:

thanks Cloudflare I will read the article you provided

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