How can I rewrite URL according to the sub domains

I have read the documents, but the dashboard only provide URI and query in rewrite part, I can’t use the whole URL or hostname as parameters.

In a word, I hope to rewrite URL according to the sub domains.


How can I rewrite such URLs?


You can use the function substring() to replace parts of the dynamic fields that represent your hostname ( and the path (http.request.uri.path) to achieve what you want. You can adapt from the example below:


It works! Thanks for your help.
Maybe we could add these function into documents as tips?

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I forgot to mention that the substring() function has been documented since that post: Functions reference · Cloudflare Ruleset Engine docs

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Probably I didn’t read documents carefully enough…
In short, thanks for your timely reply!
Now, this topic can be closed.

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