How can i resolve the HTTP 503,520,521 error

How can i resolve the HTTP 503,520,521 error. Please

Those are typically normal stats. 503 is usually a rate limit. You can do a search for those numbers, but I see the same type of stats caused by my own security settings working as designed.

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thank you

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Maybe you are referring to JS challenge? :grin:
Rate Limit is usually 429.

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I was thinking of 503 from the origin. I suppose JS Challenge makes more sense. I think you’re the one who first clued me in on these errors being a normal result of security settings here.

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so every second-page load more the 10 times getting error message 520 error.

Hi @muneef,

Due to the number of 520s being reported in similar circumstances, we are escalating the issue to Cloudflare Support. The original incident should have been resolved and your issue may well be unrelated.

We recommend checking these troubleshooting tips, if you haven’t already.

If you have been through these thoroughly and are not seeing corresponding issues on your network/server and you have a ticket number with Cloudflare, please reply and post that #.

To enable efficient troubleshooting by support, please ensure you include the following on the ticket:

  • example URL(s) where you are seeing the error
  • Ray IDs from the 520 pages
  • output from a traceroute from any impacted user
  • output of - replace with the affected domain.
  • Also include two HAR file(s) : one detailing your request with Cloudflare enabled on your website and the other with Cloudflare temporarily disabled - see How do I temporarily deactivate Cloudflare ?
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I have contact with cloudfalre support team and resolved. thank you guys everyone supports.

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