How can I renewal my domain for 4 years in Cloudflare Registrar?

How can I renewal my domain for 4 years in Cloudflare Registrar?

Same as below, just find and replace all instances of 10 with 4 :wink:

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So Cloudflare not provide it? Oh terrible…

They are providing a markup free registrar service, are in beta and are adding more features as time goes on!! Currently, no it is not supported. It probably will be there in the future.

If Cloudflare not support it, why they support people to transfer. it’s Also terrible… you must wait until your best, so you can show, but… this Cloudflare?? net complete yet. they show off

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Because they are in beta!!! Many people would rather have the registrar service sooner and not have all the features yet. If you don’t want that, just don’t transfer!

In my opinion, they are doing a great job given that it is markup free!!

This is generally what beta is!! :joy:

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Thank you for your support, @domjh. Beta is crazy… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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One important reason to support renewing a domain for more than a year is the cost optimization to save few bucks prior the domain price rises - especially reasonable now for .com domains which price is going to rise

That’s one of a few reasons i don’t transfer my domains to CF, but rather use another registrar.

PS. i’m not affiliated with any registrat mentoned ^^, i’m using a different registrar.

I haven’t actually tried to do that, but if you go into a domain’s “Manage Domain” from the domain‘s dashboard there is the ability to add years now. Not sure when it appeared, any clues @MVP? Or @cloonan?

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I seem to be able to, haven’t tried actually paying, but it lets me go through with it.

Yeah same with me, I haven’t yet gone through…

It is covered at:

This article was last updated in December, so looks like it has been available for a while.


Yeah, looks like it… I saw it a couple of weeks back for the first time.


@matteo wow, thanks for the info! I did search yesterday, however, most of the search engines returned only the comunity posts (closed) claimining it’s not possible.

So I’ve used a different registrar for 10y renewals of my .com domains… :grimacing: knowing that, i would probably go with CF…