How Can I Renew My Account?

how can i renew my account today is last date i can’t find anywhere option to pay my due please tell me step by step so i can renew my account?


Accounts dont need any renewing.

Post a screenshot of whatever you are asking.

Or do you have a paid plan on Cloudflare? These are automatically charged.

yes i have a paid plan. so how can i pay for the next month ?

here is invoice no have any link to pay for the next month.


As I said, that should be automatically charged against your payment method.

ok but i want to pay other credit card so how can i changed card details ?


Then you should store that payment information with Cloudflare.

can you tell me how can i do that step by step with screen link please.

Its at the usual place. Billing under your profile screen.

Can you look here

What is your question? You simply edit the payment information there and thats it.

ok dear thanks.