How can I remove the Expires On Registered On Updated On

I recently transferred to cloudflare and it’s nice, i just saw domains with their expires on register on updated on all on 0000-00-00 and i thought cloudflare had this feature, how could i get thus for my domain

Still needing help.

You don’t, these times are supposed to be there and correct. You cannot remove them or set them to invalid values (0000-00-00). Sounds like that registrar needs to fix that.

i saw it on every domain that had cloudflare for 1 point of time, i wanted that

Sounds like a bug that was fixed so that’s good. It wouldn’t surprise me if providing correct info is a literal requirement by ICANN.

didnt used to be

Are those other domains also showing something like “Registrar Unknown”? I know Cloudflare sometimes has difficulty reading registrar information.

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