How can I remove my site from unknown Cloudflare account?

Someone who previously worked on my site that I can no longer reach had associated my site to unknown cloudflare account.
I have now created my own account that I wish to link to my site, so I can be able to manage the account myself. However, it has been difficult for me linking my own account to my own site. When I try to do that, I simply get an error message that my site is linked to another account. Please, how do I remove my site from this previously unknown account?

What’s the domain and can you post a screenshot of the error message?

The domain is

The error is attached

Are you trying to set up the domain on Cloudflare via your host’s integration?

Right now the domain appears to be active on Cloudflare on the nameservers jerry and lina. Cloudflare should eventually drop the domain from that account as it is not pointing to these nameservers any longer.

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Yes, that is exactly what I am trying to do. I have just changed my host to Siteground and I want to integrate the cloudflare for the site through them. But this previous accout keep on blocking the process.

You need to wait until Cloudflare dropped it. The only thing you could do is contact support and ask if they can expedite that.

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Okay. Thank you for the kind response.

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