How can i remove my self from a account

I am freelancer and many times clients grand me access to their account to work on it via adding me as member, but they forget to remove me. As there are lot many accounts getting added in my CF account, I wanted to clean them and want myself want to leave the account i don’t need work or need access. But when i navigate to “Manager account” tab of the account i want to leave i get “403 | You don’t have permission to view this page.”,
So how can i leave this account?

As an added member, you cannot remove yourself from a Cloudflare account. Only the account owner has the right to complete this action. You should reach out to the account owner (your clients) and ask them to remove you.

You may consider adjusting your agreements to require a deposit of an amount significant to get client attention and only return it once they have removed your delegated access. You could also stipulate an ongoing maintenance fee payable each month that passes with you having access to their account.

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Nice approach and happy cake day


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