How can I remove DNS entries 'Managed by Cloudflare Apps'?

I’ve been working on developing a Cloudflare App that modifies a site’s MX records, and testing it on my own site. At some point, it created two MX records in my site that I can’t remove. If I hover over the information icon, the message ‘Managed by Cloudflare Apps’ is displayed, and there is on ‘X’ button to remove the entries. The app that created the entries not installed (no apps are installed on the site). Is there any way for me to delete these entries?

First off, you’re going to need Support’s help (Open a ticket).

Now you’ve got me curious. Which app could have added MX records? Your own app? If so, do you make an API call to add an MX record?

It turns out that the API still works to delete those entries, so I was able to remove them that way.

Yes, the app is one I’m developing. Adding MX, and other DNS, records is supported as part of the ‘install.json’ app description. The docs on it are here: Cloudflare Apps

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