How can I remove cloudflare from my computer? Error 522

Why do I have cloudflare on my computer? How to remove this virus?

You don’t. But, here are some suggestions to deal with the 522 error

Is it your site or a site you’re visiting?

It’s not my website. I tried to get rid of this error but I don’t know how, it’s complicated, it says I should contact the site owner but they don’t help and my internet provider don’t help neither. Please I just want to get rid of cloudflare from my PC. Can you help me?

What do you mean Cloudflare on your PC? Do you mean Cloudflare WARP? Can you show us what it looks like

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For me it sounds like you visited a Website and get this 522 Error Page. If this is the Case you dont have anything on your PC. The Website you tried to visit uses Cloudflare as CDN and DDoS Protection Provider. For this you connect to the Cloudflare Edge and Cloudflare connects to the Webserver on your behalf. The Webserver will then deliver the Website to Cloudflare and Cloudflare does send it to you. This is because Cloudflare can cache static Assets at the Edge with this Solution and can drop Attacks at the Edge before they reach the Site in Question.
The 522 Error Page simply tells you that the Connection to the Site has timed out, and that the Timeout has nothing to do with your Internet Connection or Cloudflare but with the Webserver hosting the Site itself.
This Error can happen when the Webserver is overloaded or has a other Problem. Thats the Reason Cloudflare tells you to contact the Site Owner because only the Site Owner can fix this Problem.

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