How can I release domain that registered with CF registrar?

There is no button to release domain only to disable auto-renew. When I’m trying to remove domains account and then adding it again it still marked as mine and registered by CF.

Do you mean release them to the registry for re-registration?

I just want to release them, I’m not going to re-register them etc. Just want to delete them from my account so they’re not longer associated with my account.

I don’t think many people intend to delete a domain so this hasn’t been available for CF registrar domains. If you want it released, Cloudflare support might be able to help, but I’m not sure. You might need to either transfer out or let it expire if they can’t release it.

But I can’t transfer it out, need to wait 60 days.

I’m curious what the actual need is, beyond what deleting the domain does? It will expire on its own.

Client no longer needs this domain and don’t want it to be associated with his account. For me, I just don’t want to manage this domains until they will expire. Sometimes domains that are not in use may be stolen and used to show porn etc.

Deleting the domain would seem to solve all of those issues from a technical standpoint. The only way to guarantee the last is to not release the domain back to the available pool.

How can I change Nameservers then? Because when I deleting domain from CF but nameservers still my CF Nameservers they shows porn on that domains. There is a way to steal domain that way.

Cloudflare shouldn’t allow any other site to activate the domain because the nameservers don’t match. (I believe? I mucked with something similar with a client who deleted their domain unintentionally because I was curious).

Other sites can add the domain, but because it was previously on Cloudflare it shouldn’t activate until the nameservers are updated (which a hijacker could not do without the help of Cloudflare support).

maybe someone can receive the same Nameservers and use them?

Statistics are against that, and normally Cloudflare would outright prohibit it (if a second account happened to share nameservers and tries to add a domain that exists elsewhere, that one domain gets unique nameservers separate from what the account normally gets).

But such situations happened to me. I can leave one and try.

How could it happened with my sites then? This sites pointed to my CF personal NS records and someone shows their sites here.