How can i reduce at minimun the non cached pages?

How can i reduce at minimum the non cached pages?
Actually i use a rule to cache all the contents as follow:
Browser Cache TTL: 2 hours, Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: 14 days

I activated days ago but the “delta” from cached and non-cached pages never reach the “zero”

Any suggestions?

Edge Cache applies to each individual POP Cloudflare has. Even then it may vary from server to server in the POP. So it takes a while to populate all the caches, but rarely used cache content can get dropped before your 14 days are up.

You could also try Argo, which uses Tiered Caching to try to pull your cached content from other POPs.

ok that is clear. DO you know if there is a way to try Argo for free?

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