How can I reapply free Cloudflare SSL on an updated A record?


Hi guys,

Need help with SSL certificates issued by Cloudflare.

I’ve changed my web hosting from one provider to another.

After changing the A record IP address, the SSL has stopped working and doesn’t show the correct certificate (i.e. it is pointing to an invalid certificate on the web hosting provider’s side).

The cloud icon is enabled (in orange).

Is there a propagation period for the SSL to start working again? I changed it an hour ago.

Looking forward to some replies.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @pr0jectile,

What is your domain?



What is your SSL mode (crypto tab) and universal certificate status (also crypto tab).


Only your root domain is :orange:. Your www host is :grey: and points straight to your actual server which has an expired certificate and hence the warning.


SSL mode is set to ‘Full’ and the Universal SSL certificate says ‘Active Certificate’.


Thank you @sandro for pointing out the obvious thing I missed!


Ah thanks @sandro, that’s fixed it :slight_smile:

I’ve added ‘www’ as the CNAME which points back to and clicked :orange: for it.


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