How can I push a CF-registered domain to another Cloudflare account?

Someone wishes to buy one of the domains that I recently transferred to Cloudflare Registrar.

Obviously, that domain is still within the 60-day no-transfer period, during which the domain cannot move registrars again.

Usually, in this situation, I would ask the buyer to open an account at the same registrar and I would “push” the domain to his account. Under ICANN rules, this action is permitted within the 60-day period. The new account simply continues the remainder of the 60-day period.

I see, from my account, that the UI for pushing domains (from one CF account to another) has not yet been added, but is it possible to do this via support? Can I provide the name of the domain and the email address of the receiving account to CF support and ask you to push the domain to that account?

That is a question best for support :wink:

It might be possible Moving site between 2 Cloudflare accounts - will DNSSEC break? - #5 by cloonan

If a forum does not provide this sort of general information, which thousands of users will need to quickly reference over the coming months and years, what is the point of having a forum at all?

Support tickets are suited to specific problems affecting one account, such as a specific domain transfer that won’t process.

More general questions, that other users will also have, are more suited to forums, where the time spent answering a question once will help many users.

  1. Nobody references here anything anyhow, but people post the same questions over and over again. So did you :wink:
  2. You have a specific problem, you want to push a domain and hence opening a ticket is the logical step. If they cant do it, they will tell you I guess.
  3. Please see the link I posted.

I do, frequently. All professional techies use forums in this way.

Sure, but some people not knowing how to use a forum properly does mean that every user is clueless.

Please stop guessing. I do not have a specific problem, I have a question about policy and technical capability. Others will undoubtedly have the same question. If someone had already posted the question here, I would not have needed to.

The purpose of this thread is primarily to prompt relevant answers from members of the Registrar team. Secondarily, it gives other serious users the opportunity to chime in and express whether this functionality is important to them - useful feedback for the Registrar team.

The thread was not intended to provide a platform for replies that contain zero value and derail the actual question.

That thread has no definitive answer and does not appear in the Registrar category of the forum. My post ensures that the question is asked and, hopefully, answered here in the category where other users will search for it.

I do not know if you are accurately expressing Cloudflare policy, but it would frankly be insane for any support department to want to individually answer common support queries that could be answered en masse in a community forum that already exists.

Unless I receive official instruction that they are no longer welcome here, I will continue to post questions on general policy and technical matters, as I have done in work-related forums for decades.

Well, at least in this case you did not.

It does not, but at same time you havent been around this forum much :wink:

I am not guessing. You wanting to push a domain to another user is not a “specific problem”?

It wont get any more “definitive” than from a Cloudflare staff member, wouldnt you agree? You dont want guessing but that is what you appear to ask for.

The link I gave you is the best you can get for the moment. If you want to contribute to the community it would be best to actually contact support, get a proper answer, and post it back here as aforementioned contribution.

You found a tangentially-related thread, in a different category, that provided no answer. It has no relevance.

Over the past 3 months, I have created a dozen threads in the Registrar category, with an average of 500 views, including the all-time most active thread. I have been around enough to know that what sort of posts are useful to people using the Registrar service.

I understand that you are not a native English speaker, but I simply do not have time to teach you the difference between general and specific issues.

If would not matter if it came from Matthew Prince himself, a post from a fortnight ago that says “we don’t know yet” is neither current nor a definitive answer.

I am asking you to, please, make your contribution to the usefulness of this forum by simply ignoring this thread and any future threads I create. Perhaps you could use the time you save to explore spellcheck options.

I am here as part of my JOB, I am a heavy user of Cloudflare (thousands of sites), the questions I ask are designed to elicit canonical answers that will be useful not only to myself but, also, to other heavy users.

A Cloudflare staff member addressing your issue is “tangentially-related”? Interesting!

Admittedly, @cloonan did not post a definitive answer, hence I wrote it is the best you’ll be able to get for now and suggested an alternative approach, which you seem to rule out from the start.

From what I can tell you exclusively participated in your own threads. Hence I would question you are very familiar with the typical postings and their style.

But you managed to do now what you accused me of earlier. Derail the thread.


Hence my suggestion to open an official support ticket and not try to dig in the community. But you seem to vehemently refuse to consider that approach.

No worries I will ignore your “contributions”, I promise. And I would suggest you follow up on your own recommendation regarding spellchecking.

On a free plan presumably :wink:

Okay, I admit defeat, I will abandon this attempt to initiate a thread that would be useful not only to me but to others too. It was an important question, carefully worded.

I cannot believe that the thread got hijacked, not by some random Internet troll, but an actual Cloudflare employee and forum Leader.

My tone may not have reflected well upon me at all times, but I am not representing my company here, and I was trying to create something useful. Sandro’s goading responses, in particular the final one, are beyond anything that could be considered professional.

How is this staff member helping? If your official policy is to steer all questions to support tickets, why not simply close the forum, or place a notice in the header? Why let us waste time creating threads, only to then waste your own time derailing them in this way?

It makes no sense for a commercial company to treat its customers in this way.

A ‘Leader’ Is not a staff member. Most of the people here give up their own time, for free, to help others. Looking at this thread, and others of yours, you don’t appear particularly familiar with the way this community works and expect support ticket responses from people who can’t provide them.

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Define “works”. Pretty much all the issues I have brought up on this forum over the past 3 months have succeeded in the two purposes I set out above: the primary purpose of eliciting answers from members of the Registrar team, and the secondary purpose of providing a platform for other users to express their own interest in the issue, which is useful feedback for the Registrar team.

Forums uniquely allow a community to collectively frame the questions that they want a company or team to answer. They provide a valuable channel for that company or team to disseminate information that is important but not important enough to warrant its own blog post or official announcement.

No, I submit support tickets when I encounter specific problems that would not be relevant to other users, but when I have general questions - that will be of use and interest to others - I post them in the correct category of a public forum. The Internet has thrived on open dialogue since long before the Web existed.

What I definitely do not expect are Captain Obvious responses that suggest I contact support, as if that is something that does not already occur to every user before they create a forum thread. I do not know if this is a video game for Sandro, where he racks up points by posting as many useless messages as possible, but forum etiquette is that, if you know absolutely nothing about the subject of a thread, you resist the urge to post in it.

In what sense was Sandro helping?

As he has already killed this thread, how about we all now let it rest in peace?

Goading? Who started with name calling and being rude? Hardly me!
You hijacked and killed your own thread, precisely with How can I push a CF-registered domain to another Cloudflare account?

Your tone did not just not reflect well but was simply inappropriate and has no correlation with “creating anything useful”. My responses addressed your points, nothing more, nothing less.

Your question was a legitimate one and hence I suggested to contact support as that would be the only place where your issue can be properly addressed and solved.

Pardon me for having the audacity to assume you had a concrete problem, that was what your original posting suggested. If you wanted to pose that “general question”, you later referred to, you might have wanted to change the way your phrased it (speaking of “native English speaker”).

If you consider a response from a Cloudflare staff member from 12 days ago as from “a fortnight ago” and “tangentially-related” and “irrelevant”, then I am not sure there is any helping you.

@domjh summarised it pretty well and your apparent assumption re-enforces my earlier observation. I stand by my initial suggestion and by every word I have posted since.

@sandro - You appear to be under the impression that placing a winking emoji at the end of your sentences gives you a license to be rude to people. It does not.

As you had nothing of actual use to contribute to the thread, you had no business participating in it in the first place. Your broad generalizations about how everyone uses forums - when I can see for myself, even on this very forum, how wrong your perspective is - served no purpose other than to be argumentative and to derail a legitimate thread.

Of course I was annoyed, in the same way that I would be annoyed by a street clown energetically tumbling into my dental appointment: sure, clowns can be fun, but I am there to get a filling.

You have already won: you have thrashed a potentially useful thread and discouraged a reasonably knowledgeable user, who uses the service intensively, from even bothering to participate in this community. Well done, excellent job.

@imappoet, @sandro has been one of the most valuable, regular contributors to this forum for quite a while! We all try to help here but there are some questions that we have to refer to support. I regularly have to tell users that their question can only be answered by support. Thankfully most do not end up like this thread.

Since you claim to know so much about this, can I please refer you to:

Now, since this thread is going nowhere, why don’t we let it rest a while!

My smiley was possibly a bit ironic but not rude. Go back in the thread’s history and you will realise who the rude one was. Dont attempt to deliberately twist facts here. You are right, that discussion is pointless now but - to use your words - you have trashed and derailed it yourself.

Closing, as to your request from twenty minutes ago.