How can I protect my ip?

I know, cloudflare protects my ip.

But every one can add my domain to their own ‘‘site’’ and can see all the dns entries, no matter if they can change the name servers.

What can I do so they cant get my original ip?

If they add your domain to their site, it can only scan the current name servers, and that would be Cloudflare. So they will only get your public Cloudflare IP addresses if your site is proxied (set to :orange:).

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we tried this with another acc, and we saw our original ip…

Which domain was that?

I’ve tested it on alot of domains.
My domain is ‘‘’’
Also tested it on other domains like, or

I tested shinybounds and pitforge. Shinybounds had no “A” records, and pitforge only listed two “A” records for subdomains that aren’t proxied.

Mh, I just changed it to my new ip now.

But when I Ping <-- (which everyone can see)
u’ll get my origin ip.

Cloudflare can’t hide the origin IP address of non-HTTP servers (unless you’re using Spectrum on an Enterprise plan).

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