How can I prevent a damagingly large bill

I’m evaluating Cloudflare Workers and other dev platform products for a new company. We’re expecting to spend between $2K and $10K on cloud expenses. Unlike Cloudflare’s traditional offering which has a fixed monthly price, developer platform products have no upper limit on price, it’s just based on usage and it scales practically infinitely.

One of my major concerns is that a simple mistake in coding or configuration could lead to a huge bill. I’m sure Cloudflare has customers that wouldn’t blink at a $100K bill, but that could very well bankrupt a small company.

As far as I can tell, the recommended solution for this is “set up cost alerts, constantly monitor your emails, hope that any spike in costs isn’t so fast that the damage is done by the time you respond”.

Is there a better solution to give peace of mind that I’m not going to receive a bill tomorrow that is larger than I was expecting to spend this whole year?

To be clear, I know there are no tools to limit spending directly. What I’m looking for is recommendations to make sure that I’m relatively immune from getting a surprisingly large bill. Perhaps through rate limiting, DDos prevention and related tools.

Disable the route for the Worker, set it up with a custom domain or route and add a Rate Limiting rule:

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