How can I point Cloudflare Domain to Namecheap

How to point Cloudflare Domain to Namecheap web hosting?

It’s my first time purchasing a domain on Cloudflare and I have trouble pointing out DNS to Host’s DNS. I’ve tried this several times with many different Domain Registration sites (Namecheap, Godaddy, etc.), and changing DNS to hosting is very straightforward. From the Domain Registrant site, you just change DNS settings to the Host’s DNS. But in Cloudflare, it’s very different. I can’t find a way to point my domain to the host’s DNS. Cloudflare’s DNS defaults to its own DNS and there’s no way to remove it and replace it with the Host’s DNS.

I can’t even add this domain to my hosting as pointing Domain DNS to Webhost is required.
Add-on Domain Error

Unfortunately changing nameservers for a domain purchased with Cloudflare Registrar isn’t supported.

You can check section 6.1 in the Domain Registration Agreement below for more info:

Domain Registration Agreement | Cloudflare

You’ll either need to use Cloudflare’s DNS and get a list of the required records from your host, or transfer your domain elsewhere to change the nameservers.

Transferring my domain elsewhere first comes to my mind. But transfer out is locked. That it’s only available for domains created within the last 60 days. This domain was registered an hour ago so transferring is not an option.

As with acquiring records from my host, I did try to copy those records from my other domains which are also added on Cloudflare, I see that they’re very identical except for each domain name but when I applied it to this domain, it does nothing. Still can’t add the domain as add-on domain on webhost as it still asked for DNS pointing to host.

I guess I’ll wait 60 days before I can transfer this domain elsewhere. Or purchase a new domain elsewhere abandoning this one. I should have bought elsewhere from the start if I knew it would be this problematic here.

If you want to host with Namecheap, they should be able to provide you with A and/or CNAME records to set so you can use their platform without changing nameservers.

Otherwise yes, you’ll unfortunately need to wait 60 days to transfer the domain out if you wish to change the nameservers.


I submitted a ticket on Namecheap to help me with my issue and they were able to resolve it with just A and CNAME records.

My issue has been resolved now.


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