How can i perform load testing with Cloud Flare?

Now, I’m working on the e-commerce platform (Gander Neutral Brand). I want to do Cloud-flare load and performance testing on the same site, I have been doing in the past, but I have not been using j meter automation inputs tool for Cloud-flare and using the direct IPs.

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If you mean stress testing, you could try to DDOS yourself but I wouldn’t advise it since the IP reputation for your IP address(es) would drop.

Otherwise, you can read about Cloudflare’s Load Balancing here - Cloudflare Load Balancing · Cloudflare Load Balancing docs - if you want to automate it, you may use the API


As load testing falls under non-functional testing category, it is performed to understand the behaviour of application under specific load, for determining the system’s behaviour under normal and peak conditions.It is important to know your website capacity along with how many concurrent users can be served without compromising the website performance. Cloud Fare offers a free site speed test tool. Cloud fare offers CDN also.

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