How can I pay for domain transfer to Cloudflare from India

My domain is registered through mydomain and I am trying to transfer it to Cloudflare. I have entered the auth code but Cloudflare gives me transfer failed as it’s trying to take an automatic payment from my credit card. This is not possible in India because a second authorization is required from the bank for online credit card transactions. I require an invoice that is then payable online manually with a bank authorization - this is how my monthly payments are made on Cloudflare.

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I suggest you to try out paypal, an alternative method.

Hi neiljay: Do you link your paypal to your credit card? That’s how mine is set up and I face the same problem there.

@sumeet That’s correct. The card is linked to Paypal. Make sure your cc vendor has allowed you to make international payments. Check if you’ve set any restrictions on ecommerce transactions. If payment does not process through paypal try using different cc.

@neiljay Thanks, let me try that!

I am facing the same issue and I don’t have a credit card. I linked my debit card to my paypal account. International transactions are enabled on my card. It still doesn’t work!