How can I not change the size of the uploaded image?

I just found out that the pictures I upload will be automatically scaled down to 1366*768, and the picture quality will drop a lot. I don’t want scaling, I just want to maintain the original size of the uploaded image, and because my image size is not fixed, I can’t specify a specific size. How should I go about solving it? Or the image size can only be reduced? (Whether I want that or not)

Good point.

Hm, not sure for now, but until something is being invented, I’d suggest by adding more variants if 20 variants would fit your need in this case? :thinking:

If you upload larger one, for example 1920x1080px, create a new variant with 1920x1080, select “contain” and “keep all metadata”.
Then add a new variant, for smaller one … etc., if that would help you a bit.

Otherwise, maybe until the Cloudflare R2 Storage comes to beta / public, we should use some “buckets” or host them at the origin host/server.

Maybe there is some way, and that’s a greate feature request/feedback from your case.

Kindly and patiently wait for another reply from someone else more experienced or who might have some other idea.

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