How Can I Move a Site Between Two Cloudflare Accounts with minimal downtime

Ive had a look at some past threads but they haven’t really helped. Up until now I’ve only had the business account. I’ve hosted my personal websites on the business Cloudflare account under a free plan, but I would like to move these away to a personal Cloudflare account, for various reasons, so my sites are independent of the business of unrelated nature.

I’ve found how to export the DNS records from Cloudflare, but when adding a site to Cloudflare, I see no option to “Import DNS” records.

When adding the site to the free plan, Cloudflare scans for existing records, and while most of these are correct (TXT records etc), the A records do need updating as it appears to pull in Cloudflare IPs rather than the origin server IP. It also gives me new NameServers too.

Is there a way of importing DNS records/moving a site between Cloudflare accounts that I am missing? Im assuming a nameserver change will possibly result in some downtime during propegation?

There’s no magic button to move all settings over, but you can export/import the DNS records:

Get that done beforehand, and the only downtime may be the brief time it takes to issue a new SSL certificate.

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Thanks for clearing that up. All makes sense now, not sure how I missed the import DNS records button

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