how can i make the images not weigh on the server

I’m creating a blog with preview images in GIF format and the problem is right here the site starts to load slowly due to the image format how can I make it perform better? and is it possible to “move” the images so that they do not weigh on the server? cloudflare has some setting also paid that can help me?

If there are a lot of images to load, may I ask have you tried adding loading="lazy" HTML attribute to <img> HTML tags?

You mean, to upload them and therefore serve them from a BunnyCDN / Bunny Storage or BackBlaze B2 for example?

in practice and a blog but the preview images I put gifs and makes it really nice to see but causes a problem loading precisely because the Gif weigh I compress them to the maximum that I can to make them weigh as little as possible so now I ask are there solutions to risciure to load the site quickly using the Gif

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