How can I make sure my site is served from Ireland's datacenter for Irish visitors?

How can I make sure my site is served from Ireland’s datacenter for Irish visitors?

I’m worried about SEO, as I have a .com domain and I’m trying to target Ireland. A huge factor in this is the location of the hosting.

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Hi @getbutterfly,

No, there’s no way to make sure any (or all) of your visitors will reach a specific Cloudflare datacenter. It depends on several factors, including peering agreements between their ISPs and Cloudflare. If you search this community for “peering” or “colocation” you’ll find several discussions where this topic is discussed in detail.

However, I don’t think server location is an SEO factor anymore. Perhaps this was the case in the past, before the universal adoption of cloud servers, CDNs, etc. What actually matters is the time it takes to load the page, TTFB etc.


I’m not talking about TTFB, speed and so on. The site is pretty fast, optimised and has good SEO positioning on, but not on

One of the factors is the location of the hosting. There’s around 200 factors, as Google said before, and this is one of them.

but only as far as location affects speed.

If your site is ranking well in, but not as well in, your best option would be to tell Google you’d rather rank well in Ireland then elsewhere. You do so by visiting Google Search Console (old edition) and setting the International Targeting option:

Keep in mind that any increase in rankings in will come at the expense of, according to Google’s own documentation:

Nope. My site has been added as a domain property (it’s a new GSC feature), so there’s no old GSC for me.

On the same Google Support link I provided above there’s a tab at the top that will lead you to their community. They’re probably the best place to ask how you can handle your situation, given you have no access to their old search console.

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I got an answer from Cloudflare. This is a Cloudflare issue, not a Google one. They {Google} said they won’t take international targeting into account, nor will they transfer it into the new console. Sites are advised to use local SEO and to produce locally-targeted content.

Thanks for trying to help.

Can you share your ticket number @getbutterfly? I don’t see any of those details.

What details? The international targeting part was related to Google, sorry if it wasn’t clear. Cloudflare support said they will serve the content from the closest datacenter, so I’m happy with the reply.

The ticket number is 1721138.

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