How can I LIST ALL DOMAINS in CloudFlare without being a programmer

How can a non-programmer get an export of all their domains and expiration dates at Cloudflare?

Yes, I know I can go to the dashboard and click on all domains one at a time to get the info.

I bought my first domain name in 1997. Since then I’ve used so many registrars and most of them have a sortable table fo all your domain names and a variety of columns for the records–and they can all be exported.

PLEASE, somebody point me to the magical “View All Domains” button at CF.

Thank you, Chris

I found this link: h t t p s semicolon slash slash dash DOT cloudflare DOT com FRONTSLASH zones

But ROTFLMAO one cannot copy paste the text from this page.

Zones will show you all the domains you have with Cloudflare DNS, whether they are using the Cloudflare registrar or not.

You need to go to Domain Registration… Manage Domains… to get a list of those with Cloudflare registrar.


Thank you, SJR.

This gives the data I need.

Unfortunately, Cloudflare only allows 15 domains to be listed per page.

Hello, Cloudflare. Please see how almost every other registrar allows users to list either the default 15, or 50, or All domains on one page. e.g. Google Domains (now sold), and GoDaddy, Internic, et al.

Hello, Cloudflare, please also add an Export button or link to let users export records to CSV. Let users shoose columns (AKA fields) for export (e.g. Forwarding, DNS, Rules…).

The best possible API for this is the one on the page built by Cloudflare. See also UX.