How can I know the name of a durable object within the object?

I can create a new durable object instance by using NAMESPACE.idFromName(name) , this creates a object ID from a name string, but I cannot find this name inside the object.

In the constructor of the object it has a property called which can be turned into a hex string later using its .toString() method. But when I create this node from .idFromName(name) , this method still returns its ID in a hex form. Is there any way to tell what the name of the object is?

Otherwise, I am wondering is there any way pass some metadata into a durable object at time of creation.

I’m trying to do this because I want to create a bunch of objects that only need one instance but perform different role, and I don’t want to define a separate class for each of them.

Nope, the name not available from within the DO, only the hex id. Since DOs are only created in response to incoming requests, you can pass the name down as part of the other arguments in your DO fetch requests.

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