How can I know my Nameservers Ips?


Please I need the IPs of the Cloudflare nameservers that have been generated for me. My domain provider asks me for this information in order to change the nameservers for my domain.


Alexander V.

You can just query the A record of your nameserver domain.

Hi Michael,

I have the same problem. I need to know the Ips of my nameservers that Cloudflare has generated for my website because my domain provider asks me for the IPs to be able to change the Nameservers of my domain.

If I use the nslookup tool I see 3 Ips as a result,

How do I know which of the three Ips I have to add in the change of nameserver / Ip in my domain provider to point my website to Cloudflare?

I will appreciate your help very much


Do they allow you to insert three IPs as your nameserver? If yes, just add them all.

Thanks a lot Eric,

However, when I query my nameserver IP I get 3 different Ips (see attachment), Which IP should I use to register my new cloudflare nameserver in mi domain provider?

Alexander V.

My answer is still the same:

Thanks a lot for the answer.

However, I can’t quite understand how could I add the 3 Ips.

In the DNS nameservers configuration of my domain provider, it only allows me to enter 4 data: 2 nameservers and the Ips of each one of them.

That is, I could only enter one IP for each nameserver that clouflare has assigned to me.

So, Which of the 3 then should I place?

Alexander V.

It really doesn’t matter which one you use.

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Hello Eric,

They allow me to insert only the two nameservers and one Ip por each nameserver. So I must choose one of the three Ips that shows me the tool.

It doesnt matter which of the three ips I add? You mean that with any of the Ips it will work fine?


Thanks a lot,

I have entered any of the 3 Ips for each nameserver, However, in the first nameserver ( when I save the data the Ip is rewritten with a Spanish Ip that I havent placed. And when I try to edit this IP I get this message “Authorization error, the domain is not managed in your extranet”. This only happens with one of the nameservers.

Should I worry or try to generate new nameservers? Or do I just accept the Spanish IP? It should be noted that my domain provider is a Spanish company (piensasolutions)


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