How can I know about my server IP?

Hi. How can I know about my server IP? Chrome shows one IP. If we check using dnschecker it shows two ips for different locations. Using censys it shows more than two ips. How to I know what IP to use?

Hi ,

Is it your website server ip or your ip address

If it is your Website Server Ip
*Please Note that Cloudflare is not your hosting provider you can view your website server ip from your host panel

If it is your Ip address
Click here - find my ip - Google Search

This is given in bluehost hosting provider
Image 3
This is given in Chrome Developer Tool
Image 1
While this is given on DNS checker

So, which IP should I use in Litespeed cache plugin?

My domain registrar is Cloudflare.

The IP of your server, not the Cloudflare ones.

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