How can i keep using my own SSL?


Hi, my website using Let’s Encrypt SSL and i want to use Cloudflare DNS.

Can i use Cloudflare DNS and keep using my Let’s Encrypt SSL? If yes what should i set under SSL setting, Off, Flexible, Full or Full Strict?

Note, my Cloudflare account is Free.


Use Full (Strict). This means Cloudflare will connect to your server and expect a valid SSL certificate. Your Let’s Encrypt SSL will allow that. This is how all Cloudflare plans work (free and paid).


Thank you for your explanation.

Btw can i use two DNS for my domain? Note, my website hosted on Amazon AWS, domain under Namecheap.

What i want to do now is, i wanted to use Cloudflare DNS and i want use Amazon AWS DNS. So under my Namecheap account i just add on Cloudflare DNS? From Cloudflare account display i need to change my current Amazon DNS to Cloudflare DNS?


Hi, do i need to change or do some modification on my site after choose Full (Strict)?