How can I install mod_cloudflare?


I used this code for it but my apache went down. (I fixed it)/ What’s the correct way? Thanks

[code]Option 3: Manual Installation: RedHat / CentOS / CloudLinux

mod_Cloudflare has a few software dependencies that need to be installed first:

yum install libtool httpd-devel

Next, you should download the mod_Cloudflare source to your server:


Finally, install the module. Depending on your system, the command to run might be apxs or apxs2. So, run one of the below two commands. If you get a ‘Command not found’ when running one, try the other:

apxs -a -i -c mod_Cloudflare.c

apxs2 -a -i -c mod_Cloudflare.c[/code]