How can i install DKIM Key

Hi everyone,

I have a real issue with my mail server, i need to install DKIM key in my DNS Cloudflare.
Can someone help me please ?

Thank you in advance !

When you say ‘install’ the DKIM key, do you mean you need to add a DKIM record for your domain?

Yes, exactly

Have a look at this article.

Scroll down to the bit under the heading:

How do I add a DKIM record?

Where can i generate new DKIM key.

Thank you for your help

With your email provider normally

Ok, i’ll ask the key from my email provider, thank you for your help domjh

have a good day

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Hi domjh,

do I need to install the DKIM private key on my local server as well ??

Thank you

Not sure quite what you mean by this… By your ‘local server’ do you mean where your emails are hosted?

yes, should i install there the private key ??

You should generate the DKIM key with your email provider - yes you should have the record on your email server and on Cloudflare.

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