How can I improve the FCP metric of PageSpeed Insights

Hi! I’m new here! I hope you are fine. I hope explain my issue. I understand that what having a CDN will help me is to reduce loading times, however if I do two performance tests, one in PageSpeed Insights (from Mexico or some Latin American country) the metrics are well below recommended (mainly FCP), but if I do a test with gtmetrix (using a server in Canada) my site seems to be very healthy. What I want you to support me is to raise the metric when you are in Mexico, since my buyers are here in Mexico, I attach screen. Can anybody help me? I’ll really appreciate. Thanks and regards.

Hi there,

Honestly, running the lighthouse analysis, everything seems OK. I don’t think there’s any need for concern with your website performance.
If this low performance you’re reporting is only seen in a given location it might be an ISP issue. If it’s in a given path of your website, most likely there are less assets cached over there.

You can always force cache if needed by using page or cache rules.

There’s some improvement that can be done, but none of it is mandatory, for instance, you could enable auto-minify, early hints, and polish, but some of those will require account upgrade. Ultimately it’s up to you, but once again I don’t see the need for it RN.

Take care.

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Thanks a lot for taking time to answer. That is my concern, the issue of geographic location, since my target audience is Mexico and here is where the poor metrics are reported. I’m going to review the cache rules although I’m not have any idea about how can I do hahaha so, if you have some additional recommendations I’ll really appreciate, thanks a lot.

All Google Core Web Vital metrics basically come down to optimizing Time To First Byte first (TTFB). You can only get a faster FCP, LCP etc if you have a fast TTFB. Though there are still cases of slower FCP/LCP if TTFB is fast as there are other factors to consider. But it all starts with fast TTFB.

Read my write up on Cloudflare and TTFB optimizations I wrote at Improving Time To First Byte (TTFB) With Cloudflare.


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Hi! I really appreciate your answer, I’m going to review the article, thanks a lot!
Regards :slight_smile: