How can I improve response time after switch to Cloudflare?

Dear Cloudflare,

I am running an online shop at (German shop) and switched to Cloudflare last night. I am using Wordpress and have been experimenting how to fasten up the site.

I am using the following plugins in addition to Cloudflare:

  • W3 Total Cache --> für Caching und Minification von CSS und JS
  • CSS JS Manager, Async JavaScript, Defer Render Blocking CSS
  • Hummingbird --> für GZIP Compression

However I am not quite satisfied yet with the response time (over 3 seconds) that I am getting after changing the nameservers at my registry to Cloudflare.

What’s your impression of the site speed? Any suggestions on how to improve performance?


Shopping sites are extremely difficult for Cloudflare to speed up because every page is dynamic. That 3 seconds is just Cloudflare waiting for your server to render content. Cloudflare can’t speed up your server. What hosting plan are you using?

Thanks for the quick reply. I am on a managed hosting plan of It’s a rather unknown hosting provider outside of Germany I suppose but they promise a fast running wordpress site.

I get what you mean with the dynamic content, that can be a pain. However I actually now just deactivated one of the plugins to test (WP plugin: Hummingbird) and it appears that the site is loading up much faster than before (around 1.5 seconds).

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