How can I improve international internet traffic?

Hi guys,

I have some websites hosted at different locations and I noticed an increased loading time when navigating US website from HK.

The websites were also proxied via Cloudflare and I was advised by my datacenter provider that a Cogent undersea fiber cable has been damaged, causing the routing to suffer performance, unfortunately without an ETA on fix.

I have tried to use Zero Trust (assuming it would bring me on to the same network as Cloudflare hopefully making the performance better), without anything (default connection to the Cloudflare website), both results in that increased loading time.

However, using a Japan VPN routed traffic to Japan before reaching the website using Cloudflare, the issues seems mitigated.

Is the routing related to the use of Zero Trust or is there anything that we can adjust from both sides to avoid the additional loading times?


Hi @ai.chiucs123,

Which Zero Trust product did you use: Access, WARP, Tunnels?

Hi @bujangnim ,

Although I use all 3, I think the issue is WARP related.