How can i implement Adaptive design(Dynamic Serving) through Cloudflare


I want a seaperate website for mobile and tablet users but without changing URL,so i get to know about adaptive design,i know how to implement it through the server by recognizing user agent and server separate application, but how can i do that with Cloudflare?


You mean “responsive design”? That is typically something you do directly with CSS, HTML or JavaScript on your server. Why would you want to use Cloudflare for that and how would you imagine it worked?


I’m not talking about responsive design,it is like separate application based on user agent,if user request my website from desktop then he’ll got separate website,and if he request from mobile/tablet then he’ll receive separate application.
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With workers you’d intercept the request, check the user agent, and then proxy it to different backend URLs depending on what you want to show.


Something like should get you started.

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thanks for the support